1. Coffee Talk Ep. 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly (Original Game Soundtrack)
    Andrew Jeremy

  2. Clash: Artifacts of Chaos (Original Game Soundtrack)
    Austral Music

  3. WaveTale (Original Game Soundtrack)

  4. Asterigos: Curse of the Stars (Original Game Soundtrack)
    WeiFan Chang

  5. Absolute Tactics: Daughters of Mercy (Original Game Soundtrack)
    Thomas J. Peters, Ben Cross & The Capsules

  6. Broken Ranks (Original Game Soundtrack)
    Kamil Orman-Janowski

  7. Dodgeball Academia (Original Game Soundtrack)
    Leonardo Lima Soundworks

  8. SCHiM EP

  9. Souldiers (Original Game Soundtrack)
    Will Savino

  10. Aspire: Ina's Tale (Original Game Soundtrack)

  11. Undungeon (Original Game Soundtrack)

  12. Demon Turf (Original Game Soundtrack)
    Fat Bard & M.R. Miller

  13. Golden Olive - Main Theme (feat. Asja Kadric)
    WeiFan Chang

  14. Escape from Naraka (Original Game Soundtrack)
    Yohan Jager

  15. Cris Tales (Original Game Soundtrack)
    Tyson Wernli

  16. Tabard Series 1 - Snap Casual
    Fat Bard

  17. Tabard Series 1 - Lead Me Here
    Fat Bard

  18. The Fabled Woods (Original Game Soundtrack)
    Luigi-Maria Rapisarda

  19. Tabard Series 1 - Perennial Call
    Fat Bard

  20. Tabard Series 1 - Object Rotation
    Fat Bard

  21. Sing For Me - Rock (feat. Tamaryn Payne)
    Borislav Slavov

  22. Tabard Series 1 - A Floating Mirage
    Fat Bard

  23. Aerial_Knight's Never Yield (Original Game Soundtrack)
    Neil J & Daniel Wilkins

  24. Tabard Series 1 - Comfort in Motion
    Fat Bard

  25. Bämeräng (Original Game Soundtrack)
    Lucien Guy Montandon

  26. Tabard Series 1 - Blink of The Eye
    Fat Bard

  27. Tabard Series 1 - Liquid Stars
    Fat Bard

  28. The Demon Queen (from the Demon Turf OST)
    Fat Bard

  29. Murder By Numbers (Original Game Soundtrack)
    Masakazu Sugimori

  30. 4P Chäos (from the Bämeräng OST)
    Lucien Guy Montandon

  31. The Man Who Outran Time
    Neil J & Daniel Wilkins

  32. The Medium (Original Game Soundtrack)
    Akira Yamaoka & Arkadiusz Reikowski

  33. Evergate (Original Game Soundtrack)
    M.R. Miller

  34. Othercide (Instrumental Version)
    Various Artists

  35. Pumpkin Jack (Original Game Soundtrack)
    Yohan Jager

  36. Relicta (Original Game Soundtrack)
    Damian Sanchez

  37. Othercide (Original Game Soundtrack)
    Various Artists

  38. Röki (Original Game Soundtrack)

  39. Skellboy (Original Game Soundtrack)
    Björn Schellin

  40. Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Original Soundtrack
    Borislav Slavov

  41. The Inner World - Official Soundtrack
    Christian Barth

  42. The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk - Official Soundtrack
    Christian Barth


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